QuickSnooker is a 2019 Windows PC Snooker Game

Play Snooker, Pool and 9 ball

Challenge three 3 cunning AI opponents or join hundreds of players on line for a frame or match.

QuickSnooker has been developed over 19 years to be the most complete and accurate Snooker game on line.

Every rule of the game, is correctly implemented with input from Jan Verhaas, and our scratch-built physics engine allows games from a 'top down' arcade style, to a full-blown and very accurate 'first person' simulation.

Leauges, stats and charts will track your progress and record every your victory (and defeats!) - or you can play casually for fun on, or offline.

Use the download tab on the left to intall the game in 60 seconds on any Windows PC or laptop.

If you're bored of solitaire, word games or crosswords you might be ready for some Snooker action.